High Quality


For recreational centers and the players

Every time an indoor recreational center is constructed, we make all the necessary research as well as the management orientation study and maintenance.

Our goal is to make the best of a space, where practicality and aesthetics will be combined. For this reason we co-operate with the mechanics providing the technical specifications under which a bowling alley should be made of.

We provide the client all the available business solutions in terms of equipment packages.

During installation process there are various seminars taking place in terms of management, technical orientation and equipment maintenance.

After Sales Service

Spare-parts and accessories in competitive prices for the billiard tables (cues, cloth, scoring systems, lamps e.t.c.)

Our technical service team travels all around Greece and abroad providing all the necessary services (change of cloth, table leveling, spare-parts provided e.t.c.)

At our factory premises a special machinery rectifies the slates just before delivery of a table.

At our pro-shop downtown Athens there is a technical department that provides all the necessary services to your cues.

Maintenance, renewal, and upgrade of existing bowling equipment.

Continuous technical support and communication with the bowling alley personnel.

Pro-shop and Drilling unit for balls drilling, available.

Bowling balls service (cleaning, polishing e.t.c.)

Driller’s seminars

Personnel’s seminars

Management seminars taking place in Greece or abroad.

Bowling coach seminars.

We ship our products all around Greece and the globe

Billiard table cloth repair

The company Sivisidis Bros, in addition to the construction of billiard tables, can also provide you repair services of your billiard table. For any kind of repair we are your best choice, since we are the only billiard manufacturer in the Balkans. The fact that for over 90 years we specialize in the manufacturing of billiard tables of various types ( Carom, Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, Bumper Pool, Chinese 8ball, Coin operated pool), allows us to know better than anyone how to properly repair and change the felt on your table.

billiard cloth repair sivissidis

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