Product Returns / Changes

Guided by your best possible service, Sivissidis bros company enables you to change or return the product that you bought through You can change or return the product within 14 days at our physical store of Sivissidis company, at 46 Geraniou str., 10431 Athens, Greece.

The product must be intact inside its original wrapper. It must be accompanied by all the neccessary documents (Retail receipt, Invoice, Delivery note e.t.c.).

You should initially contact our company and inform us of your intention to return or change a product. You can either call us at +30 210-5240842, 5240989 or send us an email at

Upon return, we will ckeck the product and we will inform you further on the process. If you wish to change the returned product with another, please call us beforehand to make sure that the new product under request is available at our store.

In case you cannot deliver the product yourself at our physical store, you can send it through courier service, or a transport company. In this case, please follow the below procedure:

i. Place the product inside an extra box/package, in order to stay protected.

ii. Put inside the package a document in which you state your intention to change or return the product.

In the case that you wish to change the product with a new one, please inform us which is the new product that you wish to receive. Also, please let us know the way you wish to settle any financial abeyance, as long as the product is deemed fit for change or return.

iii. Please, send the product to the attention of Returns Department. Please note, that the shiping cost is at your end. Also, in case you wish to receive back a new product, the shipping costs of the new parcel are again borne by the customer.

In case the product violates any of the above conditions, and is deemed unsuitable for return, then it will be returned to the customer and the return shipping costs will be borne by him/her.


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