Ping Pong Tables

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  • Frame: 30χ15mm

    Skeleton: 30x30mm

    Wheels: 8 pcs., O50mm rotating with brakes

    + Material: ACP + Two separate tables that fold together.

    Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)

    Suitable for outdoors use, with high durability at weather conditions and waterproof.

    For more information call directly at 0030 2105240842

  • > Legs: 20 χ 30 χ 1,3 mm    WEIGHT 65KGR

    > Sceleton: 20 χ 30 χ 1,3 mm

    > Base tubes: 25 χ 40 χ 1,6 mm

    > Tubes: 15 χ 25 χ 1 mm

    > Wheels: 4 pcs, 175 mm rotating, with brakes

    > Playfield: Melamine

    > Adjustable legs

    >Security lock

    > Storage case at the sides, for rackets and balls. 

  • Outdoors

    Sceleton: 22 χ 42 mm

    Wheels: 8 pcs, 100 mm rotating. 4 of them with brakes.

    All metal parts are coated with special PU layer for advanced protection. Special constraction by 11 layers of wood mixed with resin, and highly pressed that makes the table unbreakable.

    This kind of construction gives a better bounch of the ball, and gives the same perfect characteristics during playtime, similar to the professional indoor ping pong tables.

  •  STAG School ping pong table

    Dimensions: 22x42mm

    wheels: 8 pcs., Ø75mm rotating. 4 of them have a brake. 

    adjustable legs

    security lock

    Chipboard: 22mm

    weight: 110 kg

    it includes the net, the brace, rackettes and balls.

    For more information call directly 0030 2105240842 

Showing all 4 results

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