Since 1928

Sivissidis Bros. S.A.

High Quality Products & Services is our Intention

Αφοί Σιβισίδη / Sivissidis Bros - Μπιλιάρδα, μπόουλινγκ, ποδοσφαιράκια

Sivissidis bros. S.A. company, initiated activity in 1928 as a manufacturer of billiard tables, soccer tables and other amusement games. Its products have been exported so far, in more than 25 countries worldwide.

It is also, a distributor company of the biggest bowling brands of the industry.

Parallel to the billiards & soccer tables sector, a separate technical division deals with the import, installation and maintenance of bowling centers.

The exhibition room, the offices and the proshop are situated in the center of Athens.

There are thousands of different items available, whether on billiards, bowling, soccer tables, air-hockey, darts, ping-pong, or gaming. There is also a bowling balls drilling and maintenance facility,

Whether we deal with a private customer or a professional, our vision as members of Sivissidis Bros. Company, is recapitulated in our intention to offer high quality products & services, and the best possible suggestions and solutions.
Our customers derive from a wide spectrum of interest and our products are favored by a wide range of business companies and associations.

  • Private owners
  • Households
  • Bar-Cafes
  • Sports federations & Student unions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Campings and Athletic facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Billiard clubs
  • Bowling centers
  • FECs Family Entertainment Centers
  • T.V. & Theater production companies
  • Offices & Companies
  • Social institutes


of installations in Greece and abroad


of satisfied customers


countries we export to


experienced personel


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