Korean Cue tip ‘Monstar’. The tip that is worshiped by carom players

The korean cue tip ‘Monstar’ has won the preferance of carambol players the last 4 years.  It is imported exclusively by our company from S. Korea, and it is sold either wholesale or in retail price, offering players one more quality product. Greek players Philippos Kasidokostas and Kostas Papakonstantinou prefer to use Monstar tips when they compete either in Greece, Korea or at the PBA.

Monstar has 14mm diameter. It is a multylayered tip manufactured in such a way so as to achieve immediate  and full performance and to maintain itself for a long time.

It is found in three colors, dark red, green and black. It is available in soft, medium and hard harndness.

monstar πετσακι σιβισίδης


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Storm Matchmaker Day with Peter Somoff

Sivissidis company invites you to the  “Storm Matchmaker Day”, January 19th – 11:00-16:00, at Cosmos Bowling center/ S.J.Rentis area. A special event during which participants will have the opportunity to test new bowling balls on the lanes, and collect valuable advise from the well known coach & instructor- special technical advisor of Storm-U.S.A., Mr. Peter Somoff. There will be six new models from Storm and Rotogrip (PhysiX, HyRoad-X, Halo, Intense Fire, Winner Solid, Idol Pearl) for you, to ‘test drive” them all. Participation cost is 10 euros/person. You are not required to make any product purchase in order to participate. Contrary, the 10 euros amount is refundable with future purchase of a bowling ball. The only requirement is to make reservation in advance. For that matter or any other info, please contact Sivissidis company at 210 -5240842, 5240989 or send a message at our FB page.


Sivissidis 9ball Open 24-27/01/2019



Sivissidis Billiards company announces the Billiards Sivissidis Open 2019 !

A new 9ball open tournament which takes place in collaboration with Nova Greece, and four (4) billiard clubs in Athens city  – “Status”, “Koralli”, “Makridis” & “Presveia”.
Guaranteed prizes of 5.000 euro added to the entries. Participation is open to all! The tournament will take place January 24th through 27th, 2019. Unlike similar events, the games will run silmutaneously in all four athenian clubs, with TV broadcast cover by ΝOVA  (Official Broadcaster).
The tournament will take place under the umbrella of the Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union (HPBU).




4  Groups – Double Κnock Οut. 4 players from each group qualify to finals

No seated players


Group A: Status billiards club cafe

17 Stravonos ST – Pagrati

Tournament Director: Nikos Ekonomopoulos +306909904660 fb: Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος


56 Dervenakion ST – Ag. Paraskevi

Tournament Director: Stelios Petrakis +306972111937

Group C: Makridis Club

123-129 Louka Ralli ST – Piraeus

Tournament Director: Petros Andrikopoulos +306932612748

Group D: Presveia Billiards Club

265 Kifisias AV – Kifissia

Tournament Director: Christos Papageorgiou +306983637384


Tournament Director: Stelios Petrakis+306972111937

 16 players – Single Knock Out

The 8 qualifiers from Winners side are placed randomly as seated players and drawn with the 8 qualifiers from Losers side.



Standard international 9ball rules

Qualifications: Race to 9 frames. Table fee: 6€/hour

Finals: Race to 11 frames.  No table fee

Alternate break

9ball on the spot

Dry break

Magic Rack

Dress Code B ( Dress trousers, Polo shirt, Dress shoes)

Time out: 5 min per player

Forfeit: after 15 min of delay

Players must be present 20 min before match time



Up to 21/1/19 – 18:00 Athens time 


Contact Tournament Coordinator: Stelios Petrakis +306972111937
or the official organizer Sivissidis Billiards +30-210-5240842, www.sivissidis.gr

Draw – schedule: 21/1/19 – 20:00 Athens time.

Entry fee per division: “A”: 100€ – “B”: 50€ –  “C”: 20€. Pay at site to each tournament director.

Prizes: Sum of entry fee + 5K to first 16 players

(For e.g. 10.000 total: 1st: 3000, 2nd: 1500, 3-4: 750, 5-8: 500, 9-16: 250)